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Call it shapely, full figured, plus size, whatever. Women of a certain size have a real problem finding fashionable clothes that fit. It seems there are two options. Loose items in dark colors, or form fitting, body conscious clothing that isn’t professional looking.

Effortless style for plus size women

Yona Love has created a line of plus size fashion--Yona New York--for the full figured women who wants color, pattern, style and sophistication. Who wants to be able to express who she is through her clothing. Maybe for the very first time. Sophisticated styling based on the latest trends, structured to fit a fuller figured woman, cuts that drape, fabrics that give and designs that cover but don’t hug the body are all part of Yona’s signature style.
Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence.
As a full figured woman, Yona understands how difficult it is to dress a woman of a certain size. As a business owner, she spent years having clothes custom-made to her own specifications, because she could not find the looks she wanted in her size. She finally decided to create her own line of plus size fashion, to meet the needs professional women just like herself: Professional women who want to be taken seriously. Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence. She wants women to feel liberated in her clothing. To enjoy what they are wearing so much it makes them smile to think about it. And to be able to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Because that is truly beautiful. Yona’s fabulous plus size clothing is made in New York City. Contact Us