How to Curate Your Fashion Portfolio

How to Curate Your Fashion Portfolio
January 30, 2017 Yona Love
In Style Watch

Clothes are functional but fashion is art. Much like a great art gallery, a beautifully curated closet can be just as inspiring and impactful on our lives. While paintings are static and can transform us emotionally, fashion engages all the senses. We become what we wear, and we fulfill an image we present to the world.


Drape Cape Dress

perfect for dinner parties, the opera, and art gallery hopping.

It’s your life, make every moment a fashion shoot waiting to happen.

 Textured Wrap Shawl

abstraction and edge that creates an aura of mystery. Anything but basic.


Jersey Anywhere Dress

Caution when wearing. Will cause jealous looks from strangers.

Fashion. Art. Fun. Life as it’s meant to be lived.


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