How To Dress For The Body You Have

How To Dress For The Body You Have
May 17, 2017 Yona Love
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How many body types are there in the world? Experts say there are 12 different body types.

I am sure you would agree that you mostly see info about the most common body shapes

  • Triangle aka Pear
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass

As a plus size person, it is critical to acknowledge the body I have and how to dress for it. Dressing up is a big part of my life. For all the events I attend, I need to make sure I am dressing in a manner that highlights my curves and flatters my shape. Thankfully, I am constantly in connection with several businesses that show me all the available options out there. At Yona New York, we love to focus on this:

  • Professional wear that actually fits
  • Versatile pieces
  • Elegant pieces that work for your body

What do I mean by this? Let’s get into pieces that work for the common body types!

Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape then you carry more weight in your hip area and your best asset is your “slim midriff”.

The Floral Kimono Dress works so well for the Pear Shape because it highlights the small waist while hugging my voluminous hips in a very clean manner.

Apple shape

If you have an apple shape, you are carrying more weight in your midriff, so you will want to avoid wearing clothes that have too much going on in the area.

The Floral Charmeuse Double Faced Cape Blouse is a flattering top gives you flare while flattering your shape.

Hourglass shape

If you have an hourglass shape, you have the most balanced shape of all the body types. Your focus is to showcase all your curves. No baggy clothes or hiding allowed 🙂 

The Three Way Tie Dress works perfectly for this body type because you can tie this dress in many different ways. You will feel like this dress was made specifically for you :p

Inverted triangle

Having an inverted triangle shape means you have broad shoulders and are more top heavy compared to your slimmer bottom. 

The Drape Cape Dress works well for many different body types. But, it particularly works well by providing cover, elegance and a slimming effect all at once.


Lastly, if you have a rectangle shape, you have an athletic build with very little waist definition. Your goal would be to wear clothes that create the illusion of a defined waist.

The Asymmetrical Floral Charmeuse Dress gives you a waist with a bold and feminine punch.

When you dress for your body type, you will exude endless confidence. I’d love to hear from you on the following two questions:

What is your body type?


How do you dress to flatter your body type?


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