Simple Guide to Being Gorgeous

Simple Guide to Being Gorgeous
May 12, 2017 Yona Love
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Feeling beautiful comes from inside. Do you feel comfortable in your skin? If not, why? One of the best ways to boost how we feel on the inside is to focus on what we see in the mirror. Sometimes, it’s just that simple. So simple, in fact, that I’ve put together a quick guide!

1. Celebrate What Makes You Unique

We are all walking/talking masterpieces. Some people have really unique laughs. Others have the best smiles. Accepting and embracing what makes you unique will put you on a one-way path to feeling and being gorgeous!

2. Know Your Body

Models are supposed to know their bodies like no other. They know the right way to pose, which angles work the best, and how to work it. What are you doing to know every inch of you? What styles work well for you? What are your go to poses in front of the camera? While Models make looking gorgeous seem effortless, I know for a fact that they work hard on their craft! Practice makes perfect!

3. Make A Statement

Don’t be afraid to make a statement to the world. Go with your instincts next time you shop and go for that daring piece that’s calling out to you!

4. Speak Beauty into Your Life

There are enough trolls and haters on the internet and in life — so don’t be one! There’s plenty of beauty around us which deserves more attention than all the nonsense. Block out the bad and obsess over the good — being Gorgeous requires it!

5. Smile…Smile…Smile

It is actually healthy to smile frequently, so why not work those facial muscles? Plus, smiles are infectious and make us feel warm on the inside.

Stay Gorgeous Ladies!


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