So How Do You Really Make A Dress?

So How Do You Really Make A Dress?
February 28, 2017 Yona Love
In Style Watch

Want to know how to make a dress? Let’s get it to it:

1. Finding inspiration:

I’ve always dreamt of being a fashion designer and I grew up sketching my ideas. My inspiration can come from anywhere; sometimes an idea comes from an activity I’m doing, a look that catches my eye in a magazine, or a great fabric I come across. Personally, I love color and playful prints.

2. Designing

Then I quickly sketch my idea so I can refer back to it later. This doesn’t have to be a full color image just something with enough details for it to make sense later on.

3. Pattern Making

I construct a pattern to make my design into a realistic item that can be cut and sewn.

4. Cutting

I lay the pattern out on the fabric I select for that dress, and proceed to cut out the pattern. A muslin prototype is not absolutely necessary, but it can save a few headaches down the line when you are using a limited supply of loved or expensive fabric; it is especially helpful for custom dresses and for the production prototypes.

5. Sewing

Then the dress gets sewn together to create my design. Some details that need to be focused on are: sewing the neckline and the hemline. Quick tip: To add the hem on the bottom of a dress, fold over the fabric of hem and then iron down before sewing. This will ensure an even and neat hemline.

6. Fitting

I try on the dress to ensure it fits and that I like it. Sometimes there are alterations on the length or a sleeve change, but they are usually minor.

7. Finally

After alterations, my own personally designed, custom made dress is complete!


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