Four Steps to Take an Outfit From Day To Night

When you know you are going right from the office, to drinks, to a party, you want to be prepared. No one wants to bring an extra outfit to the office to change. Here’s our quick tips on how to take an outfit from day to night with ease.

Step One: A good base piece

Nothing is worst then finding out you have a night event halfway through your work day. By knowing that you have to go from work to your event you can plan on your outfit beforehand. By having a great base piece, you can accessorize accordingly for your day to night transition. The easiest base piece is a dress.

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You want to have a dress on that can be worn in the office yet easily dressed up for nighttime activities. A solid color dress is best for this, and a darker color always tends to look more chic for an evening event. Our ¾ Bell Sleeve Dress does just this. The overall look of the dress looks very business appropriate for your day at the office while the dark grey color is a great base for any accessories needed to step it up for night.

Step Two: Shoes

Who wants to carry a separate pair of shoes when you know you have to go from day to night in one outfit? The best solution (so you don’t have to wear your highest heels to the office) is to wear a great pair of low heeled shoes that work for both occasions. A pointed toed shoe will also help your outfit have a more upscale look. Luckily a low heel is very in style right now so there are no shortage of shoes to try.

 Step Three: Jewelry and Accessories

One of the easiest ways to change a look to evening is a quick accessories change. Jewelry is something that you can carry with you without being a too heavy. Changing your simple everyday necklace to a statement necklace helps to elevate a look from simple to chic in a easy step. Also a bracelet or bold ring can also help top off a look.

If you want to opt for a simpler look then a trendy belt can also help elevate a look and is easy to carry to the office.

Another important accessory for day to night is the bag. You don’t really want to have to carry around your big everyday bag a party. Best advice is to break out your best shoulder bag. Anything with a chain strap adds elegance to your overall look, and helps elevate your style.


Step Four: Lipstick

If all else fails and you need the easiest way to elevate your look from day to night then the red lip is for you. Always have an “emergency” red lipstick in your bag in case you have to take your look from work to party on the fly. A bold lip always help elevate a look, and makes you look ready for any party.

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