Who is Yona New York?

Nothing goes together quite as well as New York City and fashion. Everyday you are in the presence of women on their way to work and to events in their best. Fashion is a part of this city as much as it’s wonderful architecture or passionate people. However, we discovered that something was missing in the designer fashion world. Sizes that could fit the majority of people in this city.

The average American woman is above a size 8 and yet when going shopping in our favorite stores we had a tough time finding luxury fashion in a size that fit well. We wanted luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk, not just stretchy or loose fitting garments that tend to be available in sizes above a 14. We wanted a wardrobe that went with our hardworking, fast paced, eventful, New York lifestyle. Hence Yona New York came to be.

The goals of Yona New York are to: bring high end fashion to all sizes, make women dress the body they have in a way that makes them feel great, and help women become ready to take on the world. We want everyone to be a part of the fashion show that happens every morning when this city wakes up to go to work. Knowing that we are putting our best self forward will help us tackle anything this city has to throw at us, which means we can conquer the world. Because as they say: if you make it here, you can make it anywhere.


tammay morton

tammay morton said:

Please let know when your going to have your sample sale.

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