Why Go Luxury?

Ever feel the fabric of a dress and just go nope, I don’t want that on my skin all day. Yes, us too. We want to feel comfortable and sophisticated in our wardrobe, not hate it. We want to spend our money on items that make us feel amazing. Luxury items do this for us, and there are three main reasons we tend to always lean toward luxury when shopping.

The first reason to go luxury, is the fabric. Higher price point means quality fabric. Quality fabric means better feel. We want to know putting on a piece how it is going to feel all day. We don’t have time to fuss with our clothing. Luxury fabrics such as silk, velvet, and our favorite silk velvet make us look chic while feeling comfortable.

The second reason to go luxury, is the quality. You are investing in these pieces. They will be a part of your wardrobe forever. They will continue to look great through the years, and become your favorite item to throw on. Quality pieces stand up to anything you can throw at them. Although some pieces will need special attention like dry cleaning, they are worth the investment. We made sure that although our pieces feel fresh and new, they still have a classic timeless feel that will make them hold up to any fast fashion trends that come and go over the years.

The final reason to go luxury, is the way you feel when wearing it. Luxury pieces just make you feel more confident. The fabric feels amazing on you, and just looks wonderful. By investing in these pieces, you know your wardrobe can stand up to anything and any occasion.

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